R58 adalah mesin espresso dual boiler (dua pemanas) dengan kontrol temperatur PID, pompa rotary komersial, dan opsi untuk menggunakan tangki air didalam mesin ataupun sambungan langsung ke sumber air.

Penggunaan dual boiler dan desain sistem siphon yang superior memungkinkan stabilitas didalam boiler mesin sehingga mampu meningkatkan suhu serta tekanan untuk steam maupun persediaan air panas dari masing – masing boiler.



1. Dual boiler technology to keep the espresso-brewing section strictly separated from the steam / hot water section.
This reflects to optimum control of main espresso brewing parameters (consistent brew pressure and temperature) as well as to substantially increased steam and hot water power as no energy is taken away from the steam / hot water boiler to heat and keep hot the coffee water section.

2. Extremely precise temperature control system by use of electronic probes (NTC probe). This technology is also called PID.

3. Superior coffee brew performance:
a. Because of the above mentioned electronic PID temperature measuring technology of the dedicated coffee brew water boiler.

b. Because of the thermosiphon hot water flow inside the coffee section avoiding temperature peaks. Therefore the coffee water brew boiler is slightly inclined to assure the correct water circulation when machine is in stand-by.

c. Use of commercial grade rotary pump which stands for consistent and even pump pressure and eliminates almost all noise related to pump operation

4. Superior built quality: Only best components are used. Bodywork is stainless steel AISI 304 (while many other makes use AISI 430 that contains a much higher quantity of iron).

5. Care of many details as i.e. boiler insulation for significant reduction of energy consumption. Special support of drip tray to avoid any kind of vibration or mechanical noise.

6. Cooltouch steam and hot water wands.

7. Intelligent power management of the heating of the two boilers. Total power is only 1.400 W though assuring perfomances similar to a 2.500 Watt machine.

8. Machine can be operated pour over (2,9 litre water reservoir) or hard plumbed.


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